Regulation in the European energy markets (REMIT)

Invitation pressconference on accredited training REMIT

Coming Monday there will be a press conference at  ”Nieuwspoort” in The Hague (The Netherlands) during which Mercurious will announce a newly developed training course focused at the implementation of the regulatory package REMIT.

We will help energy company Delta N.V. with accredited courses for their employees regarding the implementation of REMIT. This package focuses on transparency and integrity in the energy market. Delta has initiated the development of this educational program (see attachment).
Market abuse (insider dealing and market manipulation) is strictly forbidden, but although legislation and regulations on the one hand may be rather black and white, they sometimes also lead to situations which are less clear. This situation creates grey areas, with dilemmas as a consequence. What should an employee of an energy company do in certain situations? How should a trader handle specific circumstances? What considerations must be taken into account?

The need to educate staff in this subject is crucial and contributes to the professionalization of the European energy markets.
Mercurious has developed the material, cases and exams, and will deliver course directors/lecturers.

We are of course proud to offer this course to all other energy companies in Europe.

NIBE-SVV and CMS Derks Star Busmann also contribute to the development and delivery of this training, the examination and accreditation process. This cooperation between the four mentioned parties is described in the attachment and during the press conference.

If you are interested to attend the press conference, you are more than welcome!