Test your knowledge: Back office – Advanced level

Test your knowledge about operations, as well as ICT processes, finance & control, accounting and legal aspects
Knowledge related to Operations, Business Control & Finance is not just relevant for Back Office staff, but also for IT specialists, legal experts, compliance officers, controllers and accountants.
At this advanced level you are tested with respect to your skills, the application of knowledge and therefore practice

Company A buys a forward contract in the OTC market at a price of 40.00 per unit. Assume the volume of the contract is just one unit of trading. What is paid at the conclusion of the deal by A?

Suppose the GBP/EUR rate is 1.10. What is then the EUR/GBP rate?

Counterparty risk is managed by having in place:

An offer is:

How are freight derivatives settled?

Suppose the EUR/USD rate is quoted at 1.4471-1.4473 and the USD/ILS is priced at 11.60-11.62 then what is the ask rate for EUR/ILS?

A real option is:

In a master agreement is agreed upon:

Offsetting of all positions with all market participants is called:

A bank makes a market in the EUR/USD exchange rate: 1.4034-1.4036. Suppose you sell 10 million USD to them, then what do you receive?