Test your knowledge: Back office – Basic level

Test your knowledge about operations, as well as ICT processes, finance & control, accounting and legal aspects
Knowledge related to Operations, Business Control & Finance is not just relevant for Back Office staff, but also for IT specialists, legal experts, compliance officers, controllers and accountants.
At this basic level your knowledge is tested with respect to terminology, theory and facts.

Contract specifications of a forward contract do NOT include:

What underlying value does a future contract have when it involves a delivery moment?

What is a nomination?

What is NOT a task of most back offices?

What is Trayport's software (Global Vision) doing?

The Mark-to-Market value can be compared to:

What is a typical task of the front office?

Contract specifications of an option contract do include:

A negative Mark-to-Market value can be compare to:

Mark-to-Market valuation refers to the valuation of positions according to: