Test your knowledge: Back office – Expert level

Test your knowledge about operations, as well as ICT processes, finance & control, accounting and legal aspects
Knowledge related to Operations, Business Control & Finance is not just relevant for Back Office staff, but also for IT specialists, legal experts, compliance officers, controllers and accountants.
At this expert level your knowledge is tested in the sense of interpretation. After all, as expert you should be able to develop business.

Usually the coupon frequency of interest rate swaps is:

The overnight index for Swiss franc (CHF) is:

The overnight interest rate set by the Wholesale Markets Brokers Association is:

An index must meet the following requirement:

FX options usually have:

EUR/USD 1.2034 means:

Overnight index swaps (interest) in GBP are settled at maturity:

IAS is:

The overnight interest rate set by the European Banking Federation is:

Derivatives should be accounted against fair value due to: