Test your knowledge: Trading – Advanced level

Test your knowledge about trading
Knowledge related to Front Office activities not only relevant for traders, but supporting staff must also understand the business to excel.
At this advanced level you are tested with respect to your skills, the application of knowledge and therefore practice

What is a crack spread?

A call option on a certain commodity is valued at 3.00 euro. What is the value of this option tomorrow if all things, besides time passing by, remain unchanged?

What is NOT an indicator for asset liquidity?

Which party often takes upon the role of a brokerage firm which takes a swap position on its own books?

What is rolling over a position?

Which of the following is an algorithm?

What is a crush spread?

Asset liquidity is the same as:

What is -for hedging purposes- an alternative to buy a future?

What can serve as collateral in case of opening a futures contract?