Test your knowledge: Trading – Basic level

Test your knowledge about trading
Knowledge related to Front Office activities not only relevant for traders, but supporting staff must also understand the business to excel.
At this basic level your knowledge is tested with respect to terminology, theory and facts.

What is a brokerage firm?

What is the primary role of ThomsonReuters?

A forward market:

What is a futures contract?

What is arbitrage?

What is margin?

What is the name for the process whereby market participant A cannot buy from market party B because of credit issues, but then A buys from market participant C who then buys from B?

A member of an exchange buys 2 futures contracts and then sell 6 futures and then buys 3 futures. What kind of transcation does this member have to do to net out its position?

Fundamentals analyses takes into account:

How many transactions are required to lock in profit in the sense of arbitrage in the currency markets?