Mercurious: progress and development (Engels)

Cooperation between Mercurious and the Technical University Delft.
Mercurious offers internships for students, PhD graduates and jobs for those who have finished their studies. Next to education and consultancy  Mercurious has taken notice of the desires to apply mathematics and statistics in the market. This is mainly related to the professionalization of the trading environment. Quantitative analysts are required to optimize asset-backed trading, allocation of assets, forecasting, modeling and developing software. Our company takes nothing for granted and strives only for the best. High quality is only secured when cooperation takes place with the best universities. We consider scientific research essential to serve our clients in the best way possible. 
We are very proud to introduce our new colleagues!
Lisette Obbes is our new key account manager.
She is among others responsible for the sales of our training courses, open enrollments and consultancy.  She is very happy to inform you about all our services.
For more information please call +31 – (0)20 – 88 130 87 or send an email to
Steven Hoyer (student Applied Mathematics) is our new intern. He is responsible for various tasks, such as research in the area of credit risk and forecasting models.  Also, he is going to do his MSc thesis in the fields of weather derivatives at Mercurious.   
Location Mercurious
Because our team is ever-growing, we are very happy to announce that we are looking to move to a more spacious office. We are striving to make this happen  before 2013. To be continued!Various training courses; Final option for early bird discount!12/13 Nov-2012, Monday & Tuesday : 2-day Gas-to-Oil Pricing & Hedging
This 2-day training course which is specifically designed to expand delegates’ knowledge of oil-indexed gas contracts, oil & gas derivatives, clearing and settlement of oil and gas contracts, margining procedures and collateral requirements, oil and gas trading platforms, oil price references, gas benchmarks and indices, cleared products as well as pricing and valuation of these products.Normally €2250, only this week with an early bird discount €230! 14 Nov-2012, Wednesday: 1-day EMIR & Mandatory Clearing
This 1-day workshop which is specifically designed to expand delegates’ knowledge of the consequences of the regulatory package EMIR and clearing processes. Extensive explanation of counterparty risk, margining, collateralization and regulation is brought forward.Normally €1190, only this week with an early bird discount €120!

15/16 Nov-2012, Thursday & Friday: 2-day Real Options

This 2-day training course is specifically designed to expand participants’ knowledge of, and skills with respect to real options, physical assets (plants, refineries, storages, pipelines, grids), hedging future cash flows of these assets, delta hedging, optimize allocation of assets, flexibility, pricing of options, valuation of options and Greek variables as indicators for sensitivities.

Normally €2250, only this week with an early bird discount €230!

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