Special edition

New location MercuriousIn our last newsletter, we have informed you that we were looking for a new location because our team is expanding and because we were searching for our very own training premises.We are very happy to announce that we have found a new establishment! By the 1st of December 2012, Mercurious will have it’s premises at:

Lambertus Hortensiuslaan 76 A
1412 GX Naarden

Mandatory clearing
The new regulatory package EMIR enforces market participants to register a bunch of OTC-traded contracts with clearing organizations. This will result in an immense allocation of working capital. Globally, way over thousand billion dollar. EMIR will also be applicable for a large variety of energy companies. This impact on available capital will slow down investments in sustainability and improved infrastructure.Next, it is questionable for the time being what regulators will do with the data. Will they be able to interpret the information being provided to them? How is this information being secured? On the other side, it cannot be ignored that counterparty risk has to be managed properly and snowball-effects must be prevented as good as possible.Clearing on a central level however also increases systematic risk.  All in all, mandatory clearing has huge advantages and disadvantages.For now one thing is sure: Times are changing.For more information about EMIR & mandatory clearing courses and more at www.mercurious.nl/training

For more extensive information send an email to info@mercurious.nl