Energy – Gas – Gas Storage – Trading, Modelling & Optimization

This 2-day course is specifically designed to expand participants’ knowledge of modeling gas storage capacity. Therefore it covers know how and will optimize skills with respect to outright options (mainly exotic) and the real option approach.

During delivery of the program attention is given to a gas storage and its characteristics (engeneering and legal obligations), hedging future cash flows of assets, optimization of the hedging process, flexibility, pricing of options, valuation of real options and Greek variables as indicators for sensitivities.

Although the course is about modeling and the fact that statistics are important in that field of expertise, and even although a bit of mathematics is incorporated, in this course things are brought forward in a way that everybody is able to understand. This however does not effect the level of the course in a negative way, but moreover allows for taking all subject even more in-depth than you can imagine.

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